Decentralized AI and Architectures for Massive Wireless Network Slicing Scalability and Sustainability

6G DAWN (organized in two sub-projects 6G DAWN- ELASTIC & 6G DAWN-RESILIENT)  will devise a distributed management plane to handle the deployment of a massive number of network slices with emphasis on its elasticity ,i.e., its capacity to adapt to varying demands and network conditions, and on its reliability, understood in a wide sense, i.e., guaranteeing secure and continuous operation of network slices.

To this end, 6G DAWN-ELASTIC will evolve the traditional centralized cloud management system architecture, composed of three main entities: Monitoring System (MS), Analytics Engine (AE) and Decision Engine (DE), towards a distributed system, where the components will be decomposed and distributed over different technological domains (i.e., RAN, Core, Cloud, Edge). 

6G DAWN-ELASTIC will leverage the developed massive scalable network slicing, energy-efficient and sustainable network management.  6G DAWN-RESILIENT will elaborate advanced security schemes and plans to empower secure smart network slice life-cycle management (LCM).

6G DAWN will propose innovative network management schemes that suit the needs of infrastructure providers, vertical tenants and final consumers.

Firms & Institutions Involved in 6G DAWN

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